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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Dana of Nin hates ignorance and violence. But she hates to lose even more. So when the arrogant Atalon magician, Liam the Drake, accuses her of being born to ‘low magic’ and forbids the practice of her healing arts, she cannot help but tell him to his face that she hates him more than anything…even if his looks are not appropriately evil.

Liam the Drake is a high-king, warlord, and master of the House of Drake. Descended from an immortal Atalonian Fire Queen, he has little tolerance for an insolent Ueleda witch like Dana of Nin. The fatherless twig-picker cannot trace her magical line and is not fit to practice magic…although she would make a very acceptable concubine.

But when they are mysteriously bound together with an unbreakable betrothal spell, pride and prejudice quickly becomes passion. The knave who has cursed them must be revealed and the spell undone before hearts, minds and souls merge, and they become lost in one another forever.

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  1. Frankie,
    This is so wonderful. I am thrilled to read you work here. Your talent is remarkable but unsurprising.

    John Baker