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Friday, February 13, 2009

Witch House Are You? The Families of Glenfallen.

The House of Willogate
At the northernmost point of Cape Thicket sits Willogate Farm. With their power rooted in Earth, the Willogates are a tactile lot, not given to flights of fancy or shows of emotion. With feet planted on the ground, and intent focused upon a goal, they are a driven lot who live for achievement.
Like their Saxon ancestors, the Willogates of Glenfallen are tall and golden. However their ability to produce gold is not limited to offspring. Willogates have a knack for making money, but are not particularly keen on sharing it
Founder: Alfric the Traitor
Symbols: the willow tree, the golden Harlon
Colors: Brown and Gold
Most famous ancestor: Sabrina the Bran (the Raven Witch of Breaks Tower)
Best qualities: Sensible, sensuous, love roots deeply in the soil of the heart
Worst qualities: Envious, competitive and miserly

The House of Etherhill
On the eastern coast of Cape Thicket is Breaks Lighthouse, home to the ‘Airy’ Etherhills. Disdaining all things ‘bourgeois,’ the bohemian Etherhills prefer to live life on a ‘higher’ more artistic plane. Naturally, the wine flows freely as they wax poetic, play concertos to the moon and pine for a love that is not ephemeral.
Like their French ancestors, they live for the moment and delight in imagination. Noted for their incredible violet eyes, the Etherhills are quick to laugh and just as quick to cry.
Founder: Chaid of Nathair
Symbols: the tower, the raven, the snake
Colors: Blue and White
Most famous ancestor: Also Sabrina the Bran (the Raven Witch of Breaks Tower)
Best qualities: Imaginative, artistic, love is a spiritual experience
Worst qualities: Selfish, self-seeking alcoholics

The House of Drakesford
In the south, where Fire rules, is the Drakesford’s ‘Old Summer House.’ As descendents of the ‘Liam the Drake,’ founder of the old-world ‘Glenfallen Circle,’ the Drakesfords have a tendency to arrogance.
Like their Welsh ancestors, they are noted for their striking black hair and eyes. They are brilliant, passionate and gluttons for power. Once established as the most powerful House in the Glenfallen Circle, they have never been willing to release the title, and have not been above using Machiavellian tactics to keep it.
Founder: Liam the Drake; aka: The Great Drake or The Draig Tien
Symbols: The black dragon
Colors: Red, Black and Gold
Most Famous Ancestor: Liam the Drake
Best qualities: intelligent, dynamic problem-solvers, love with passionate loyalty
Worst qualities: despotic, suspicious and promiscuous

The House of Mountrain
Sitting on the west coast of Cape Thicket overlooking the sound, is stately Mountrain House. There the friendly Water clan opens their doors as they do their hearts to all who would enter.
Like their Scottish ancestors, they have retained their ginger hair and sea-green eyes. Good humored and easy going, the Mountrains rarely have a bone to pick with anyone who isn’t a Drakesford.
Founder: Baltin of Rainy Mountain (aka: The Mount of Oaks)
Symbols: the Oak tree, the white owl, and the wave
Colors: Green and Gold
Most Famous Ancestor: Pennick Mountrain (Creator of the magic caldron known as ‘The Cage of Bloodlines’)
Best qualities: caring, loyal, trusting, an intrinsic understanding of love’s depth
Worst qualities: stubborn, hotheaded, jealous in love

The House of Dovecot
At the center of Cape Thicket is Dovecot Lodge, and here lives the family whose magic dwells in Spirit. As descendents of Dana of Nin, the peasant Healer who became a ‘Light Mistress,’ all of the Houses of Glenfallen hold the Dovecots in high esteem. Theirs is the only House to always be headed by a ‘Mistress’ instead of a ‘Master.’ Dana of Nin’s heiress is the ‘law’ in Glenfallen. (And the Drakesford heir enforces her law.)
Like their humble Irish ancestor, Dana, the Light Mistresses of Glenfallen share the same remarkable dove-gray eyes, and an irresistible spunk and spirit.
Founder: Dana of Nin
Symbols: the dove, the crown, the chalice
Colors: White and Silver
Most Famous Ancestor: Dana of Nin
Best qualities: graciousness, humility, kindness, Love is unconditional
Worst qualities: potty-mouthed, hot tempered and ‘people pleasing’